Monika Žálková

Monika ŽálkováI work as a instructor and expert adviser for the personal style, professional appeareance and etiquette.

I co-operate with notable photographers, companies, educational institutions, important people of business and cultural sphere.

Since 1995 I work actively in the branch of clothing, style and training, with international certificates, graduated in appropriate branch.

Vocational knowledge and education

  • SPŠT TEXTILE - design & clothing visual arts field of study, Brno
  • PSYCHOLOGY OF DRESSING - course, London
  • PHOTOMAKE-UP, Prague
  • IMAGE CONSULTANT - PROFI (accredited by MŠMT ČR), Prague
  • STYLIST (accredited by MŠMT ČR), Prague
  • IMAGEMAKER (accredited by MŠMT ČR), Prague
  • 3 AXIS VISUAL Language led by PhDr. MUDr. Miroslav Krejčíř

Language knowledge: Czech, English, Italian

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Image consultant services

Service subjects are set as general, I will prepare plan according to your personal needs.

Professional service for Catwalk and Photo make-up

Photographic and visage services; photo-books, photo-tests, acts, presentation and promotional photos

Co-operation with notable Czech and foreign photographers, for example with Jan Svoboda.

It is my ambition to give you the best make up, a stylish haircut and an excellent combination of clothes for your general appearance. This service is not only for movie stars or advertising roles or for photos of fashion models. It is not just for celebrities or politicians or for famous magazine covers and fashion editorials or the photo-books of models. It could be just for your family photo album.

Do you want to have amazing photos for professional purposes or just for your close friends?

Enjoy the feeling of a celebrity or a top-model who has a team of stylists and photographers around. My aim is to change you and eternalise your beauty into photos of quality which will match the front pages of our notable fashion magazines.

Make-up course: perfect make-up in own hand

Perfect make-up stringly points out your total appeareance. It has to look naturally, respect your personality, colour typology, age, skin type and your demands.

Together we will choose the right type and shade of base - make-up. I will explain to you how to work with correctors, shade your face and how to use a cover-up in the case of larger skin defects. We will choose the shadow colours and consider if to use kajal contours on your eyes or eyelines, how to model shape of your lips and minimalize eventual assymetry. I will show you how to rectify shape of your face by using a blush.

If you're not sure that you could handle the right make-up at first, you can train it in advance.

A day with a stylist plus clothes and accessories
shopping assistance

A day with a stylist includes a professional consultation with the aim of finding out your personality, your desires and your life style. I will accompany you to the shops where we can choose the best clothes just right for you. I will help you with typology and styling which is suitable for your personality. My plan will be to reach the best presentation of your personality.

Assessment and organisation of client's
home wardrobe

We will meet in your home for a private consultation to help you find the ideal wardrobe system for you. Most people wear only 15% of their clothes. From a few items of your clothing we will make tens of combinations from which we can choose the most suitable ones for you. How about the result? 100% certainty that you will always be perfectly dressed for each situation and every day. Thanks to a few simple combined and matched items you will gain an awesome wardrobe for special events, business and your free time. I will give you a natural and functional wardrobe.

V.I.P. complex program with your personal
fashion assistant

Have a consultation and long-term co-operation with a stylist who has been in the world of fashion for more then 15 years. I have worked as a fashion shows producer and have teamed up with many photographers on styling. I'm currently co-operating with Italian showrooms and fashion magazine editorials.

Safe your time and acquire your personal fashion consultant.

I offer professional services for anyone who is not very interested or just does not have the time to care about fashion. However, you need to and want to look your best on every occasion.

Clothes should not only look good but also reflect your function. Entrust me with your fashion worries and I will provide you with fashion harmony. I will give you an original, combined and matched wardrobe always ready for special occasions, work and your free time. Everything with respect to your status, age and figure type. For every day and every occasion. For success and confidence. On the basis of your demands and fashion I will help you create a self-confident look with a hint of seriousness, a refined taste and sophisticated attraction.

Personal style

"Fashion can be expensive, not so style ..."

Counselling in style and image sphere.

You will become an original person when you have a clearly defined style. To have style means to have a certain harmony between your personality and looking good. Today's beauty criteria emphasises individuality, characteristic needs, a goal and a life style which express personality. It is advantageous to realise that everything you wear gives some message about you. People judge you by your appearance and make their first impression of who you are at work and in your social life as well as in your private life.

I will help you to recognise and find a style which express your personality. You will learn which cuts, colours and cloths flatter your figure. You will also discover how to raise your advantages and veneer your problem parts in order to make optical corrections to balance your body proportions.

The professional look - perfect manager
and manageress

GOODS INTERESTINGLY WRAPPED SELL WELL – both washing powder and people.

The first assumption for success is to be adequately dressed. The outcome of your transaction will largely depend on a first impression. There is no need to emphasise your charisma. Just a few matched details in your outfit are enough and the impression you make will be impressive and unique.

Colour symbolism and colour typology

Colours are an important part of our life; they have an effect on our subconscious and influence our behaviour.

Everyone has a favourite and not so favourite colour but not everyone realises that the colours we wear can influence our look and the way other people perceive us. Correctly chosen colours can light up your face, rejuvenate you and even with the right colours you will be able to influence the people you meet. If you decide for the colour typology I will teach you how to recognise the colours that suit you and in which your personality will surpass expectations. I will also recommend to you which colours you should wear on different occasions.

Psychology of clothing

It is evident that the way we look makes up 65% of a first impression. On the other hand things we say make up only 7%. This implies that to be adequately dressed for every situation is really important. From the beginning of time people have judged each other according to their clothes and it is still the same today. The first impression is much more important than we can imagine. I will teach you how to feel good and to look good because the better we feel, the better we look.

Visage course

The kinds of make up, procedures and corrections etc. I will provide you with professional services from basic information to a complete appearance care program according to your desires.

Adequate skin care is the basis of your image. You can have suitable clothes and an awesome hair style but if you do not have healthy skin you will not look your best. I will arrange professional counsel and recommend prominent dermatologists.

I will help you to choose make up and a hair style that will suit you. I will high light your personality and appearance advantages.

I will teach you the most suitable make up for job interviews, business conferences, parties, social evenings or just how to look beautiful during your free time activities.

I approach every client individually. I will point out the originality of a client's personality and underline their best and of course correct any small imperfections either with the help of make up or by the correct choice of clothes.